9 March 2014

Disturbing Visit to Lisheen House Ruins

Following reports that a ruined stately home not far from where I live was being used for ‘satanic’ rituals, I decided to check the location out. It takes a lot for me to be scared. However, Lisheen House had me leaving in a hurry. The building is literally saturated with a sense of foreboding and dread. I have not before experience anything like this. The walls were almost aggressive in their nature. While I was there I could hear bricks and other debris falling from the high walls to the ground below as if they were being hurled at me. I laughed at first assuming it was teenagers having a joke. It’s wasn’t - Lisheen House is a place of evil in every sense of the word.

The former home of William Phibbs, the ruins of Lisheen House stand on the outskirts of Strandhill, County Sligo overlooking Ballysadare Bay. The building was once used to house a huge collection of esoteric artefacts allegedly brought out during ‘rituals’ which took place in the ‘long gallery’ on the first floor, including Egyptian mummies, swords and daggers which were collected by Owen Phibbs. The house was vacated in 1938 - if local rumour is to be believed - when a coach brought ‘the Devil’ to the front door one evening. Following this unexpected visitor the house was then subjected to intense poltergeist activity (confirmed and well documented) as objects and even furniture was being constantly smashed every night. After all the staff had resigned and the family could find no one to work there due to the supernatural events taking place, the house was sold in 1938 and given to the entities which now occupy the ruin.

Take notice of the strange graffiti and images on the walls left by the ‘Satanists’ - the building literally reeks of demonic and archontic energies.

The Demonic Residence at Lisheen House:

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  1. I was up at the hellfire club all day yesterday it feels similar to what you describe here. Did you know that there's an electro magnetic lay line anomaly up the road from the hellfire at a place called "view point". If you bring your car on it you actually roll uphill! If you ever want a tour tom send me a message. I woke up in Tallaght about four years ago and know I find it hard to identify with those around me, even some close friend don't contact me any more lol. Keep up the good work tom, its important.

  2. tom, please contact me via facebook..this place needs cleansing..

  3. Very enlightening, I feel the same way in my country. I do hope to meet you someday.

  4. This is very enlightening. I feel this same energy within my country in various places.